Open Source Contributions

I love open source!

Major .NET Open Source Contributions

Personal .NET Open Source Contributions

  • faker-csharp (owner); port of Faker from Ruby which automatically populates instances of classes for unit testing.
  • mvc-utilities (owner); handy utility classes designed for ASP.NET MVC; deals with encryption, routing, caching, authorization, and various other security issues. Designed to used with Dependency Injection in ASP.NET MVC3 / MVC4 / MVC5.
  • quick and dirty feed parser (owner); RSS / Atom-agnostic feed parser - parses both formats into a common set of objects. Runs on virtually every distribution of .NET.

Python Open Source Contributions

  • scaffold-py (owner); Ruby-on-Rails-style scaffolding for new Python projects, inspired by Zed Shaw’s Learn Python the Hard Way project structure.

JavaScript Open Source Contributions

  • instant fileserver (owner); creates an instant CRUD fileserver from the safety and comfort of your favorite command line.
  • node-slugs (owner); a Node.JS module for creating StackOverflow-style URI slugs.

Ruby Open Source Contributions

  • albacore (contributor); dolphin-safe Rake tasks for .NET build automation.