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Time for a brief commercial interruption…

Recently Petabridge announced its professional services offerings around Akka.NET.

I’ve been approached over the past year by a lot of .NET developers who’ve needed help using Helios for socket programming, or Akka.NET for distributed systems programming in .NET, and sometimes just some help getting Cassandra set up on Windows Azure.

Well, as part of Petabridge’s offerings my time is officially now on the market for your projects.

If you would like my personal help learning how to use Akka.Cluster to build scalable ASP.NET and Windows Service microservices , deploying Akka.NET on Azure, rewriting your in-house socket servers to use Helios, or whatever else you need - request a consultation with Petabridge.

Here’s what I do:

Architecture Review

The most common things I get asked are questions like “is this the right way to do XYX on top of Akka.Remote” or “we’re trying to do X on top of Helios, can you take a look at it?” or “could you take a look at our Cassandra CQL schema for this time-series system?”

I consider all of this “architecture review,” and that’s something I can help you with. For a fixed price you can ask me, one of the guys who wrote Akka.NET and the dude who invented Helios, to review your production-ready Akka.NET and Helios apps. I’ll give you the expert eye you need to de-risk your apps in production.


If reviewing your architecture isn’t enough, I can also help you write it.

In-person training

Want to learn how Akka.Cluster and Akka.Persistence can help you build high availability systems easily? And how to integrate them with other technologies your company currently uses like ASP.NET, SignalR, NServiceBus, or Windows Azure?

These are things I already talk about at conferences and on the Petabridge Blog, but at a high level. If you want hands-on, in-person training for you and your team that’s something I can do.

Let’s talk

I’d love to hear about what you’re working on and how I can help! So let’s start a conversation and see what we can do together!

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