Geolocation Services and Bing Maps in Windows Phone 7

Tonight I gave a brief talk to WinMo LA about using Geolocation Services and Bing Maps on Windows Phone 7. I mostly covered the APIs and controls that developers can use in the current Windows Phone SDK, the steps developers need to take in order to protect a user's data, and some of the future things that are changing in Mango for Windows Phone 7 developers.

Source Code for Demos:

  1. Bing Maps WP7 Demo [Github]
  2. Geolocation WP7 Demo [Github]

Other Important Links

  1. Bing Maps Portal - Get API Keys for Bing Maps
  2. MIX11 Sessions - Get all of the updates on Mango and WP7.
  3. WinMo LA - Subscribe for the next event!
  4. Windows Phone Dev Podcast - Unofficial Podcast for Windows Phone 7

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