Lessons from Code Camp 2010

This time last weekend I was in the middle of the second session of Southern California Code Camp. Ever since I came to the realization that no man is an island and I’m going to ultimately need to work with other programmers in order to be successful in this business, I’ve made an effort to attend as many geeky networking events as I can.

Code Camp was a fantastic learning experience for someone who’s as interested in the .NET platform as I am. During Code Camp I was introduced to:

By far and away the best session for me was the Pair Programming / Agile Development Dojo, namely because I got my first taste for Agile development and the inherent value of rapid prototyping and test driven development was obvious.


Approval Tests

During that session I was also exposed to ApprovalTests, an automated unit / acceptance testing library which makes it a breeze to validate tests performed against complicated objects. Yes, I did just say “automated acceptance testing.” Check it out for yourself!

I used ApprovalTests in the process of testing the Quick and Dirty Feed Parser project, which I released earlier this week.

Overall Code Camp was a fantastic experience and I’m really looking forward to the next big upcoming thing in the San Diego tech scene: BarCamp SD 2010!

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