Introducing the New .NET Stack

I’ve been a .NET developer for roughly 10 years now - since the summer after my freshman year in college in 2005 I’ve been developing in Visual Studio and .NET. I’ve founded three startups on .NET, worked for Microsoft, and founded multiple successful OSS projects in .NET - I say all of this in evidence to the depth of my commitment and investment in the .NET ecosystem.

But it’s time we, the .NET community, address a major elephant in the room - .NET is, and often has been, way behind in other ecosystems in terms of overall innovation, openness to new ideas, and flexibility.

And you know what - we are addressing it! And this has created some exciting new possibilities for .NET developers that were never available to us before, to a point where we may actually be competing with platforms like Node.JS, Java, and others for mindshare on Linux.

And that’s the crux of my talk at the 2015 Cassandra Summit, “The New .NET Stack,” which I present to you now below. Enjoy!



Want to learn more about the new .NET stack? Take a look at the original blog post on the subject I wrote for Petabridge.

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