Talking about Akka.NET and the Actor Model on Hanselminutes and .NET Rocks

I’ve done a bit of a “press tour” for Akka.NET since we released Akka.NET v1.0 at the beginning of April and I wanted to share a couple of the interviews I’ve done in the .NET community since.

Hanselminutes: Inside the Akka.NET open source project and the Actor Model with Aaron Stannard

I did an interview with Scott Hanselman immediately after .NET Fringe and we covered the goals and scope of the Akka.NET project, but also really took a close look at the Actor model and why it’s becoming a popular concept among .NET developers.

Listen to me on Hanselminutes! (33:04).

.NET Rocks: Akka.NET V1 with Aaron Stannard

Carl and Rich, the two hosts of .NET Rocks, did a better job with the synopsis than I could!

Akka.NET ships! Carl and Richard talk with Aaron Stannard about Akka.NET, a toolkit and runtime for building highly concurrent, distributed and fault tolerant event-driven applications. Akka.NET is a port of the original Akka framework in Java/Scala. Aaron talks about the reactive manifesto as the driver for Akka.NET, to provide tools for responsiveness, resiliency, elasticity and message driven.

Listen to me on .NET Rocks! (58:40).

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